Competition Campaign Research and Tips

Use the research and tips below to launch your Competition Campaigns.

What goals will Competition Campaigns help my brand to accomplish?

Competition Campaigns are a great option if your campaign goal is to raise awareness for your brand. Create a social media buzz for your brand by running a competition. People love watching competitions!

Competition Campaigns are a good choice if your campaign goal is keeping your costs down, as you can set it up so that you are only paying for the prize. Since you pick the prize, you remain in complete control of your budget.

With Competition Campaigns, you are able to activate multiple influencers for just the price of your prize. As such, Competition Campaigns are the perfect campaign type if your campaign goal is a combination of raising brand awareness and engagement while keeping your costs down.

Competition Campaigns are an option if your campaign goal is to introduce a new product to the market, introduce an existing product to a new market, or raise awareness for a specific product. Make the prize for the competition be the product you're introducing to the market or trying to raise awareness for it.


What are the benefits of Competition Campaigns?

Competition Campaigns are a perfect campaign type to run in congruence with another campaign type. For example, a Competition Campaign sets the stage for an event where there is an official, brand sponsored celebration for the winner (and subsequently an event activation campaign).

A major benefit of Competition Campaigns is that they allow for a lot of flexibility. Not only do you have budgetary flexibility with Competition Campaigns, you also have flexibility in the type of competition you run. Some competition types include (but are certainly not limited to) a painting or drawing competition, a short film competition, a physical fitness competition, or a photography competition.

Oftentimes, influencers are willing to participate in Competition Campaigns just for the novelty of competing and the opportunity to win the prize.


Tips for Competition Campaigns

Have clearly defined competition rules. When it comes time to pick a winner, you don't want disgruntled influencers who thought they should have won. Let your influencers know how to win: most likes on their entry post, most comments, etc. If you are choosing a winner based on something subjective, be clear in your explanation of why you picked that specific winner when it comes time to announce the winner.

Be clear about when the competition is running. This ensures that your influencers don't accidentally disqualify themselves from your competition by missing the entrance or ending deadline!

Pick a prize that influencers will be motivated to compete for, especially if the only form of compensation is the chance to win a prize.

Depending upon how many influencers are participating in your Competition Campaign, you might want to offer prizes for second place and third place as well.

Check state and federal competition regulations to ensure your competition abides by the law. Be sure to check the rules of the social media platform you're using to host your competition.


Suggested Campaigns to run with Competition Campaigns

  • Giveaway Campaigns: Either run a Giveaway Campaign in conjunction with a Competition Campaign or announce a Giveaway Campaign at the end of your Competition Campaign. Make the prize either the same or related to the prize for the Competition Campaign.
  • Event Activation Campaigns: Run a Competition Campaign prior to an event and have part of the event be an official crowning of your Competition Campaign winner.
  • Branded Content Campaigns: After your Competition Campaign is complete, have your winning influencer partake in a Branded Content Campaign featuring the prize they won in your Competition Campaign.
  • Influencer as Creator Campaigns: After your Competition Campaign, have your winning influencer create content with their prize.
  • Travel Campaign: If the prize for your Competition Campaign is an experience (like a trip or tickets to an event), run a Travel Campaign during the winning experience.



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