Travel Campaign Research and Tips

Use the research and tips below to launch your Travel Campaigns.

Learn the goals, benefits, and tips for running your campaign: 

What goals will Travel Campaigns help my brand to accomplish?

Travel Campaigns are great for building brand awareness. Since your influencers will be posting content before, during and after their trip, your brand will be repeatedly exposed to your influencers' audiences. 

If your campaign goal is to foster relationships with your influencers, Travel Campaigns are a great option for you. Influencers will be sure to love your brand after you send them on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. In turn, your influencers will create content that reflects that sentiment.

This type of campaign allows you to get new, unique reusable content. Sending your influencers to a new place is a surefire way to spark their creativity, which leads them to create multiple pieces of content for you in a short period of time.


What are the benefits of Travel Campaigns?

Travel Campaigns are good for getting a lot of high-quality content in a short period of time. Influencers will get to experience a new atmosphere, which will undoubtedly inspire them to access their creative side!

Travel Campaigns will help your influencers fall in love with your brand and their genuine enthusiasm for your brand will help their fans fall in love as well.

Since you are picking the destination, your brand has control over where the content is created. This is beneficial because you are able to pick a location that is in line with the type of content you're looking for.


Tips for Travel Campaigns

Creating a well planned out itinerary ensures that you are able to accomplish your goals for the trip while your influencers have an enjoyable experience. When planning your itinerary, remember that your influencers will be creating content on the trip so you'll want to include lots of scenic locations!

Pick a destination that makes sense for your brand. For example, if your brand makes swimwear, sending your influencers to a tropical destination would make sense whereas if your brand makes winter clothes, sending your influencers to a colder destination would make more sense than somewhere tropical.

Be prepared to compensate them with an allowance or a reimbursement, in addition to trip costs. The amount can vary depending on the size of your influencer (micro, macro, mega/celebrity).

Schedule time for your influencer to explore on their own. This will give your influencer a level of control over their trip and allow them to visit any locations they're interested in that are not included on your itinerary.


Suggested Campaigns to run with Travel Campaigns

  • Influencer Takeover Campaign: Let your influencer take over your Instagram account while they are on their trip.
  • Influencer as Creator Campaign: Have your influencers create content during their trips.
  • Branded Content Campaign: Provide your influencers with your products to use (and document themselves using) during your Travel Campaign.
  • Community Building Campaign: Send a group of your influencers on a trip together and use them to launch a Community Building Campaign.



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