Community Building Campaign Research and Tips

Use the research and tips below to launch your Competition Campaigns.


What campaign goals will Community Building Campaigns help me to accomplish?

If your campaign goal is to build a long term relationship with your influencers, Community Building Campaigns are ideal for you. Community Building Campaigns are designed to create a network of influencers for your brand to work with regularly.

If you are looking for a steady source of content that fits with your brand's image and resonates with your target market, Community Building Campaigns are a great option for you. Your community of influencers will regularly create and share content on behalf of your brand that you will be able to reuse.

Because it uses multiple micro-influencers with high engagement rates, a Community Building Campaign can reach a large audience that will engage with your content. This is great for creating brand awareness.


What are the benefits of Community Building Campaigns?

Community Building Campaigns will provide you with a source of creative content that you can reuse on your brand's social media pages or in your future marketing campaigns.

Your community of influencers will give you authentic feedback from your target market. Since your community will be posting content on a consistent basis, you will get regular feedback on your brand.

Community Building Campaigns will help grow relationships with your influencers no matter what your campaign goal is. By working with your brand on a long-term basis, your community of influencers will organically fall in love with your brand and develop brand loyalty.


Tips for Community Building Campaigns

Create a hashtag for your community of influencers to use every time they post. This will give you an easy way to find all of the content that was created by your community.

Make sure that you pick the right influencers that fit with your brand. Remember, you will be working with them on a regular basis for an extended period of time.

Give your influencers creative control. Let them know any specifications you have for posts (like how often you'd like them to post, any hashtags you require them to use, etc.) and then give them creative control over their content. After all, you've chosen your influencers because of their ability to produce unique content that is in line with your brand.

Encourage your influencers to communicate with each other. This will enable your influencers to inspire each other. Additionally, befriending other influencers from your community of influencers will foster their sense of brand loyalty.


Suggested Campaigns to run with Community Building Campaigns

  • Event Activation Campaigns: Have the influencers in your community attend an event where they can meet each other in person.
  • Gifting and Unboxing Campaigns: Gift your community of influencers a product and they can create content surrounding their unboxing and first impressions.
  • Competition Campaigns: Have your community of influencers run or partake in a competition where the prize is a product or service of your brand. 
  • Travel Campaigns: Send members of your community of influencers on a trip with your brand and create content from that.



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