How to Organize and Manage your Influencer and User Generated Content

Learn how to tag or label your influencers' and users' content, organize/group content using folders, and use the filters to sort through content.

Influencer Content and User Generated Content are found within the Content tab. Influencer Content is pulled in from your influencers who are participating in campaigns and partnerships. User Generated Content are posts pulled in from influencers who use your Instagram handle and selected hashtags

You are able to browse posts, organize content into folders, and export content for your own social media feed. You also have the ability to apply filters such as hashtags and mentions that were used in posts, annotated labels, and even colors within the content.

You also have the ability to save content into the Media Library. This allows you to keep posts you like, repurpose posts for future marketing and prevent posts from getting lost within the generated content. The Media Library makes it easy for you to view all of your influencer's content, as well as organize it all in one place.



The content tab is a great organizational tool for both your Social Media Manager and Influencer Marketing Manager. Your Social Media Manager can easily categorize and pull content to be used to promote your brand while your Influencer Marketing Manager will have a quick view of the quality and progress of their influencers' posts.

Create and Assign Tags or Labels

  Quick Tip

Adding tags to your posts gives you an easy method of sorting through a large number of posts from your influencers.

Step 1 Click Content, in the navigation bar, and select Influencer Content or User Generated Content.

Step 2 Select the posts you would like to tag. 


Step 3 Click on the blue checkmark and select Add Tags.


Step 4 Select a Tag, or click Manage Tags to create a new tag, and click the Save Tags button. 


Step 5 To add a tag or label to an individual post click the dotted icon and Select Labels & Tags.


Step 6 Add a Label and select a tag or click Manage Tags to create a new one.



Once a label is added to a content piece, the label can be viewed by hovering over the content image. 


Organize Content into Folders

  Quick Tip

Folders help to separate specific content and categorize posts by campaign, categories, and type of content. Once added into a folder, posts are available in the "Media Library" for easy access and additional opportunities for sorting. 

Step 1 Click Content, in the navigation bar, and select Influencer Content or User Generated Content.

Step 2 Select the posts you would like to add to a folder. 


Step 3 Click the blue checkmark and select + Add To Library.


Step 4 Select a folder, or click the New Folder to create a new one, and click Move.


Step 6 FIlter by folders by clicking the folder icon.



Once posts are added into a folder, they are available in the "Media Library" for easy access. These pieces will remain saved in your "Media Library" as they are removed from "Influencer Content: and "User Generated Content" to make room for new posts.

Filter User Generated Content

Step 1 Click Content, in the navigation bar, and select User Generated Content.

Step 2 In the upper right-hand corner are the list of icons to sort and filter. These filters include folders, sort options, color themes, tags/labels, annotated labels, and more.


Step 3 Click the Folder icon to sort content by specific folders that your content has been saved into.


Step 4 Click the Sort icon to sort by ascending/descending order, Relevance, Like Count, Comment Count, Engagements, Engagement Rate, Video View Count or by Date Posted. 


Step 5 On the User Generated Content tab, click the Hashtag icon to filter to posts using your hashtags and mentions. 

  Quick Tip

You can also adjust the hashtags and mentions used to pull in content. Also, each brand can be configured to pull in different content.



Your brand's business Instagram account must be connected in order for content to be pulled in for "User Generated Content".

Step 6 Click the Colors icon to filter based on the color of the content. 


Step 7 Click the Tags icon to sort by the tags.


Step 8 Click the Annotated Labels icon and select the keywords to filter based on the content in your influencers' posts.


Step 9 Click the Calendar icon to sort the content dates.


Step 10 Click the Elipses to view extra filters which include Media Type, Network, and Campaign.





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