Why Aren't Products Appearing in Proposals?

Use the following guide to learn why products that you have made available as compensation to your influencers, are not appearing for selection in their Live URLs.
Reasons could be: 
  • Products were not added into the campaign.
  • The Inventory Tracking is set at zero. 


Products were not added into the Campaign

The first reason could be that the products have not been added as compensation within your campaign details.

To check if your products have been added use the following steps: 

Step 1 From the top navigation bar, click Program and select Campaigns. 

Step 2 Click the Edit Campaign Details icon. 


Step 3 In Step 3. Compensation, check if Product has been selected as a Compensation Method. 


Step 4 If Product is selected, scroll down to Current Products and search for missing products.

Step 5 If products are not found, click Add More Products or follow the steps provided here.  


Step 6 If products are found, go to the next section below. 


The Inventory Tracking is set at Zero

The second reason that can cause your products not to appear for selection in your influencers Live URL is leaving the inventory quantity at 0. If you enable the inventory tracking, but leave the quantity at 0, the products will not appear as an option for your influencers. 

Follow these steps to check the inventory:

Step 1 From the top navigation bar, click Brand. 

Step 2 Click the Products icon.


Step 3 Search for an existing product and click the Edit Product icon, under the Actions column. 


Step 4 In Step 5. Product Inventory, under Available QTY, adjust the product quantity available


If the product is still not available on your Influencers Live URL after checking both if the products were added into the campaign and if the product quantity was not set at zero, then email support@grin.com.



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