Why Aren't My Products Appearing in Proposals

Have you set up your campaign or partnership and when testing out your Influencer's Live URL products are not available? There are a few reasons why certain products aren't appearing in proposals for your influencers to choose from.

Reasons could be due to:


Products were not added as Compensation

The first check to ensure your influencers are able to choose products is to see if your products have been imported into GRIN and then added into the campaign or partnership. 

Step 1 Click on Program and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click the Edit Campaign Details icon. 


Step 3 Under 'Step 4. Compensation", has Product been selected as a Compensation Method?

Selecting Product as a compensation method allows you to customize which products are available to your influencers, as well as, how they are to be selected, such as product collections, checkout through URL, and more!


Step 4 If 'Product' was not selected, select Product as a comp method, and then in "Step 5. Select Product" click Add Products to start adding products from your brand. 

In order for products to be added to a campaign, they must first be imported or manually created within your brand. 


Step 5 Do you already have Product selected and products added? The next step would be to make sure the missing products are within the list of 'Current Products' in your campaign. If not, click Add More Products to add the missing items.



The current Product inventory is zero

Are your products already imported into your brand and within the list of your campaign's Current Products? The next check would be to confirm the inventory of the missing products. If the product is at zero inventory, GRIN will automatically remove the product from the Live URL. This is a great feature that prevents the unfortunate email where you have to tell an influencer that what they chose is currently out of stock. 

Once inventory is confirmed to be at zero, then you would either wait for more inventory to be added to your eCommerce store or if the product was manually created in GRIN, add 'inventory' by following the steps below: 

Step 1 Click Brand from the navigation bar.

Step 2 Click the Products icon.


Step 3 Search for the product and click the Edit Product icon. 


Step 4 In 'Step 5. Product Inventory', under Available QTY, adjust the product quantity to the quantity that is currently available.


Product inventory should only be manually adjusted if your products are NOT connected to an eCommerce store. If your products were imported directly from your eCommerce store, the inventory in GRIN will automatically, if the sync settings are set up, update to the correct quantity. 





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