How Influencers Submit a Proposal & Set-Up Payment and Tax Form on the v1 Live Site

Use the following guide to learn how influencers will fill out a proposal for a campaign. The following guide will also go through how to set up their payment method and W-9 or W-8BEN. As an influencer, keep in mind that both linking a PayPal and submitting a W-9, or W-8BEN for Non-U.S. individuals, are required for payments to be processed..




Both a PayPal email address and W-9, or W-8BEN for non-US citizens, must be submitted in order to receive your payment. If the payment setup is not completed within 30 days of the date the payment is sent, then it will be refunded back to the brand.


How Influencers Submit a Proposal


If the Submit button is NOT available this indicates that you have not filled out all the required fields. Make sure that you have selected all the required tasks needed to submit the proposal. If you cannot select a task it is because you have NOT synced the required social media to do so. If you cannot select an Instagram Story task but have connected your Instagram, this will be because you have not connected via Facebook's OAuth connection. Click here to learn what is needed and how to connected via the OAuth connections.

Step 1 Once the Live URL link is sent to your influencer, products and campaign tasks can be viewed and selected.


Social media accounts must be synced to select tasks within the Live URL. Facebook and Instagram require permissions when synced to collect real-time metrics. Passwords and login information are not collected when social media accounts are synced.


Step 2 Under 'Media Requirements', tasks are described along with required hashtags and mentions that need to be in posted content. 


Using the correct hashtags and mentions allows Grin to find and collect posted content.


Step 3 Fill out current shipping information in order to receive products.


Step 4 Payment amount requests can be added depending on the agreement with the brand/agency.

Step 5 Read through and accept the Terms & Conditions in order to submit the proposal.  


How to Set up PayPal & Tax Form


When filing your tax form, not providing a Tax Identification or your SSN will subject you to a 30% tax withholding for any payments received. Be assured that all information will remain private when filing a W-9, or W-8BEN for non-U.S. individuals. This information is simply collected in order to prepare and send the necessary tax forms at the end of the year for tax filing purposes.


Only influencers who are paid a sum of $600 or more, through GRIN, will be mailed a 1099. The 1099 forms are sent to the address used to file the W-9 or W-8BEN.

Step 1 Within the Live URL, click the Settings tab.

Step 2 Click on Verify Now to verify your account if you have not done so.

  Quick Tip

If you are having trouble verifying your account follow the steps in this guide here. This will also take you through troubleshooting steps if you're running into errors.



Step 3 Once logged in, scroll down to the Payout Info section and click Add Payout Method.



Step 4 Add the General Information (name, address, birthday, etc.) and click Next.




Step 5 Under 'Select Payout Method', select Paypal and click Next


Currently, payment can only be received through Paypal. A Paypal account will need to be created, if not already done so, in order to complete the next steps.   



Step 6 Add and confirm PayPal email address and click Add.




Step 7 Click Submit Tax Form to fill out a W-9 or W-8BEN.

Step 8 Select if a US person or non-US person (will be directed to W-8BEN form) and click Continue.


Step 9 Fill out Personal Information and click Continue.

Step 10 Confirm the information, certify under the penalties of perjury by checking the required boxes, sign name and click Complete W-9.
Step 11 Lastly, click Submit Form on the final pop-up that appears.




Your Influencers will receive a 1099 tax from if they have made more than $600 in one year from working with brands using the GRIN platform. The 1099 tax form will be sent to the mailing address added when filling out the W-9 or W-8BEN. 


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