How to Add and Remove Influencers from an Email Sequence

Use the following guide to learn how to add and remove influencers from an email sequence.

In this guide, you will learn how to:

Add Influencers to an Email Sequence 

Adding influencers to a sequence allows you to send out planned sets of emails. Outreaching to influencers through a sequence eliminates the time it would take to follow up with each one individually. Influencers added to a sequence will continue to receive emails until they take a specific action (Click or Reply) or the email chain ends.

Step 1 Click the Contacts in the navigation bar and select Prospects.

Step 2 Select influencers to add to a sequence.


Step 3 Click on the Sequences button


Step 4 Select a sequence from the dropdown menu and click Preview Emails.


Step 5 Review your sequence for any last-minute changes and click the Start Sequence button.



Remove Influencers from an Email Sequence

You can remove an influencer from an email sequence when they haven't responded or you no longer want them in a particular email chain.

Step 1 Click on Mail and select Sequences.

Step 2 Click the Contacts icon to the right of the sequence that you want to modify. 


Step 3 Search for the influencers you want to remove and click the Delete icon under the Actions column. 




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