How to Promote Prospects into Influencers

Use the following guide to learn how to promote prospects that have agreed to work with you into Influencers.


Prospects are influencers that you have yet to collaborate with but would like to recruit into your program. Once an Influencer has agreed on a partnership, they can be promoted into My Influencers. This allows you to separate influencers you currently work with and those you would like to recruit.

Step 1
Click Contacts in the navigation bar and select Prospects

Step 2 Select the Prospects that you would like to promote and click on the blue check mark on the top right hand side. 

Step 3 Select Promote to Influencer


Step 4 You have the option to choose the Contact Stage, Initial Tag, Add Contacts to a Campaign and Add a Manager or Agent

Step 5 Click the Promote Prospect button. 



The Prospect turned Influencer will automatically be moved to My Influencers.  

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