Content Metric Icons

There are a lot of metrics involved in an influencer's content. Here is an explanation for their different meanings and the icons & symbols in GRIN.


The number of followers that influencers have are in constant fluctuation and this makes it challenging to have certain metrics, such as reach and engagement rate, updated in real-time. However, we understand the importance of having accurate metrics and they are updated once every month.

Icon Breakdown

Reach Icon
This represents the number of followers the influencer has.contentmetrics_followers.gif
Views Icon
This indicates the number of views the post has received.contentmetrics_views.gif


The views icon will only appear for videos and Instagram story posts

Likes Icon
This indicates the number of likes the post has received. contentmetrics_likes.gif
Comments Icon
This indicates the number of comments the post has received.contentmetrics_comments.gif
Engagement Icon
This indicates the engagement rate for the post. 
Interactions Icon
Indicates the combination of replies, taps, and swipes for an Instagram story.IneteractionIcon_1.gif



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