How to Setup a Checkout URL for Influencer Product Selection (Shopify only)

Use the following guide to learn how to set up a Checkout URL for Influencer Product Selection. This allows your influencers to directly select products from your website by adding products to their cart and pasting the checkout URL in the product selection section, within their Live URL.



Before your influencers can select products from your store, you must have an integrated Shopify store. Next, the products that are available to be chosen on your eCommerce store will need to be imported into your brand to create orders within GRIN, track fulfillment, etc. 


How to set up a Checkout URL for Product Selection

Step 1 Click on Program, within the navigation bar and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click the Edit Campaign Details icon.


Step 3 In 'Step 3. Compensation', select Product as a Compensation Method.


Step 4 For 'Allow Product Selection?', select Yes.


Step 7 Set the max product price or max amount of products to be added to the checkout.



If your influencer chooses products that exceed the max number or price of products, then they will be notified to remove items from their cart until they are at or below the max.

Step 5 For 'Allow Influencers to Select Products From Website?', select Yes.



How Influencers will use a Checkout URL for Product Selection 

Step 1 Through the brand's website, add product(s) to the cart.

Step 2 After adding products, go to the cart and click Checkout.

Step 3 Copy the checkout URL.

Step 4 In a new tab, go to your Live URL dashboard. 

Step 5 Under 'Checkout URL', paste the checkout URL and click OK.


Step 6 Once OK is clicked, the chosen products will be displayed. 


If there are limits on the total amount allotted and the amount is exceeded then an error message will display requesting the influencers to limit their cart to the correct amount.  

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