Influencer Outreach Process

In order to create effective influencer marketing campaigns, begin by outreaching to influencers that would be an ideal fit for your brand. Influencers involved in your initial outreach should be stored as Prospects, within your Contacts. Prospects are influencers that you would like to work with but have yet to agree to a collaboration. This article will take you through the influencer outreach flow, as well as inviting influencers to a campaign.

 Quick Tip

 Create an outreach sequence before the start of your influencer outreach process. Sequences allow you to send out initial emails with automated scheduled follow-ups.

Step 1 Click on Contacts and select Prospects.

Step 2 Select the influencers that you would like to reach out to for a potential collaboration.


Step 3 Click on Sequences or Email.


The initial outreach does not have to be a sequence. Emails can be sent from a template or composed from scratch. Simply follow steps 1-3 above, but instead select Send Email instead of Add to Emails Sequence.


Step 4 Once influencers express interests, add them to your campaign by selecting the influencer(s) and clicking on Campaigns, and selecting the campaign.


Step 5 Send the interested influencers their own unique Live URL using the Variables. 


Each influencer has their own Live URL. The Live URL is where an influencer can review the campaigns they have been invited to participate in, submit a proposal, and update shipping/contact information.


DO NOT copy and paste another influencer's Live URL into a mass email as each Live URL is unique to each influencer. It is best practice to use the Live URL variable in your emails in order to avoid sending influencers the incorrect link.


Step 6 Lastly, Click on Promote to Influencer.

 Quick Tip

You can also promote a contact from a prospect to an influencer from within their profile. 


Step 7 Once an influencer has submitted a proposal you will be able to accept or decline it through the Proposals section of your campaign work room.





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