How to Create an Email Sequence

Sequences automatically send follow-ups, acceptance, declined, etc emails that are uniquely created using templates. Influencers added to a sequence will continue to receive sequenced emails until they take a specific action or the chain ends.


DO NOT copy and paste your message from another email editor. Although the text may appear fine it could cause issues with the formatting once the email(s) is sent.

Step 1 Click Mail and select Sequences.

Step 2 Click the + Create button on the right-hand corner.


Step 3 In 'Step 1. Sequence Basics', name your sequence.


Step 4 In 'Step 2. Sequence Emails', compose your initial email, or insert a prepared template.

 Quick Tip

Add variables into the email body by clicking on Insert and selecting Insert Variable and dragging & dropping, for example, first name, Live URL(proposal application), and affiliate links. This eliminates having to add this information to each individual email manually. For example, when using the variable [first name] your influencer's first name will automatically populate when the email is sent.


Step 5 Click Add a follow up to create a follow-up template email after your initial email.

Step 6 Input the number of days, after the initial email, to send the followup and select the condition at which not to send the followup email.


Step 7 Click Save on the right-hand corner.

Step 8 Pause, edit, or delete your sequence by clicking the corresponding icons in the Actions column.





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