How Non-U.S. Influencers Can Submit a W-8BEN

A tax form is required in order to receive payment through PayPal. Non-U.S Influencers will need to submit a W-8BEN. The following guide will take influencers outside the United States. through how to submit a W-8BEN


When filing your tax form, not providing a Tax Identification or your SSN will subject you to a 30% tax withholding for any payments received. Be assured that all information will remain private when filing a W-9, or W-8BEN for non-U.S. individuals. This information is simply collected in order to prepare and send the necessary tax forms at the en of the year for tax filing purposes.

Step 1 Go to Settings within your Live URL.


Step 2 Log in using a password, if you have created one, or send yourself a login link.

Step 3 Once in your settings, click the Payouts section.


You will need to set up your PayPal before you can submit your tax form. Setting up PayPal and submitting the appropriate tax form is required in order to receive payments.


Step 4 Click Complete a new Tax Form.


Step 5 Select I am not a U.S. Person and select whether you are filing as an individual or a corporation.


Step 6 Check the following certification boxes to continue.


Step 7 In the following step, enter personal information.


If you do not have a tax ID number to enter within the "Tax Payer Identification" section, then you can use your Social Security Number.

Step 8 Confirm and agree to any tax withholdings based on the income tax treaty between the United States and your country of residence.

 Magic icon

You can review if there is a tax withholding based on your country of residence by clicking on Here located at the end of the bolded sentence.


Step 9 Confirm personal information and click Continue.


Step 10 Certify that the information you have provided on the form is true, correct and complete by checking all the boxes and signing your name


Step 11 Click Complete W-8BEN and then click Submit Form in the final pop-up that appears.


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