How to Demote an Influencer to a Prospect

The Prospects and My Influencers help you organize your influencer outreach. Prospects are influencers you have reached out to but are not yet active in a campaign. My Influencers are active influencers that are part of a campaign.

  Quick Tip

Rather than demoting influencers, archive those who you plan to work with again. Archiving influencers creates additional space within "My Influencers" so you can partner with new influencers. Archiving will also pause all influencer activity until they are reactivated. No new content, conversion, or metrics will be pulled in until the archived influencers are reactivated. 

Step 1 Click Contacts and select My Influencers.

Step 2 Click on the influencer to go into their profile.


Step 3 In the influencer's profile, scroll down to Contact Type and click Demote to Prospect.




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