How to Allow Instagram Story Access

If your influencer has skipped over the OAuth connection, then GRIN will be prevented from pulling in their Instagram stories and metrics. Within the settings of their Live URL, they will have to disconnect their Instagram account in order to reconnect through the OAuth verification. The following guide will show how an influencer can reconnect via the OAuth connection. 


In order to connect via OAuth, your influencer will need to have a Facebook business page connected to an Instagram business/creator account. 

Step 1 Within your Live URL, click the Network Connections tab.


 Step 2 Click on Allow Story Access for your Instagram.



It is important to be logged into the Facebook your Instagram business/creator account is connected to. However, if you are not logged into a Facebook on your device, you will be redirected to Facebook to begin the steps to log in. 


Step 3 Enter your Instagram handle and click on Connect.


Ensure that you are only using the username *without* the @ sign. Instagram URLs will also result in an error.


Step 4 Click on Continue as... or Log in to another account if you are not logged in to the correct Facebook page on your device.


If you are not already logged into your Facebook page on your device you will be directed to Facebook in order to do so.



Step 5 Check the Instagram account that you will be delivering your posts with and click Next.



Step 6 Check the Facebook page that your Instagram account is linked to.



Step 7. Accept all the permissions and click Done.


In order to connect succesfully, all th permissions will need to be accepted. If any of the permissions are disabled, you will be directed to a "Failed Connection" message. If you have any questions or concerns, the following article will explain the permission and connection process in further detail


Step 8 Click Okay.




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