How to Reconnect Your Instagram with the OAuth Connection

If your influencer has skipped over the OAuth connection, then we will be prevented from pulling in their Instagram stories. Within the settings of their Live URL, they will have to disconnect their Instagram account in order to reconnect through the OAuth verification. The following guide will show how an influencer can reconnect via the OAuth connection. 


It is important to be logged into the Facebook business page your Instagram business page is connected to, the Instagram account you will be delivering your content to. If you are not logged into a Facebook page on your device, then you will be redirected to Facebook in order to do so.

Step 1 Click on Settings within your Live URL dashboard.

Step 2 Login via a password, or send yourself a login link to your email.


Step 3 Scroll down to the networks' section and click Disconnect from the Instagram network.


Step 4 Click Connect to reconnect your Instagram account.


Step 5 Click Okay, let’s do it and enter the login information to your Facebook business page that is connected to your Instagram business account.


Step 6 Click Connect for the account you would like to connect.


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