What is IMV

The idea behind EMV or earned media value is to establish a baseline value in the digital space. In order to do so, the methodology took a holistic look at the digital landscape to create that baseline. The data points from third-party reports, auction-based data, real-life paid & media campaigns, and organic campaigns to assign values to different post interactions/engagements. From likes to views to shares, all data points were weighted and normalized based on the Ayzenberg methodology.

We have created IMV or Influencer Media Value based on Ayzenberg's Earned Media Value Index. This is an estimate of the media value that was generated from the content from a campaign. The value is based on the industry index that assigns values to engagements across all social networks.

It represents how much a brand would have to pay if they were to reach the influencer's followers using paid advertising. It provides a monetary value of return on influencer created posts.




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