What is My Influencers

My Influencers, located in the Contacts tab, is where you can manage your influencer relationships. Within My Influencers, you are able to group similar influencers with tags, set relationship stages, assign campaigns, etc.

If you have a current list of influencers, you can upload them through a CSV file or manually create. 


In addition, the My Influencers page tracks certain properties for your influencers, such as owner, address, size of clothing and other important information. My Influencers is a tool in order to track your activity and the entire relationship with your influencers. 


Filters can be applied according to gender, tags, email, archived, audience, etc. Audience filters allow you to organize and analyze influencers by purchased audience data. 


Click into individual influencer profiles to review all the activity you've had with them, including notes, content, actions, and updates. Profiles also contain the ability to edit information, tags, relationship stages, properties, etc. 


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