How to Archive an Influencer

If an influencer is no longer active in a campaign, rather than demote the influencer back to "Prospects," it is best practice to archive the contact. This will create additional space, within "My Influencers," for new active influencers while pausing all activity for those who are not active.


Once an influencer is archived, conversions will no longer be tracked, new content will not be pulled in and those influencers cannot be added to any new campaigns. All data prior to the change is retained and still visible.

Step 1 Click Contacts and select My Influencers.

Step 2 Click the checkbox next to the influencer(s) you want to archive.

Step 3 Click the blue checkmark icon and select Archive.



Step 4 To view your archived influencers, click Filters and select Archive > Yes.


Step 5 To reactivate an influencer, go to the archived influencer's profile and click Restore Influencer.


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