How to Setup Multiple Ecommerce Stores for a Brand

You can only connect one Ecommerce store per brand. If you would like to connect multiple Ecommerce stores for different countries, then you will need to create a brand for each country as well. 

To track conversions for Shopify, you will need to install the tracking conversion code within the checkout settings of each Shopify store connected to each brand. 

To track conversion in WooCommerce you will need to download our WooCommerce plugin and install it in the “Plugins” section within each WooCommerce account.


This process will need to be repeated to create a brand for each Ecommerce store that will be connected. For instance, if you have a store for the US, UK, and Canada, then a brand will need to be created for each.

Step 1 Click Brands in the navigation bar.

Step 2 Click + New Brand in the right-hand corner.


You can only connect one brand per campaign. For instance, you cannot connect each country's brand to one single campaign.

Step 3 In “Step 1. Brand Identity”, set up your brand's basics, such as the brand name, description, and cover photo.


Step 4 In “Step 2. Currency”, select the type of currency that the brand uses.


Step 5 In “Step 3. Ecommerce Account”, connect your Ecommerce store.



Steps 4 through 6 are to set up the social listening feature, however, they are not required. Learn how to set up your social listening.

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