Step-by-Step Guide for Getting Started

Follow the steps below to successfully launch your influencer marketing campaigns:

Step 1: Recruit - Influencer Search

  • Use the Recruit tool to explore and narrow down to your ideal influencers.
  • Keywords, hashtags, handles, and locations are some of the keywords that can be used to filter.
  • Once you've found an ideal influencer, search for lookalikes.


Step 2: Contacts - Prospects


Step 3: Mail


Step 4: Program - Campaigns


Step 5: Manage Campaign Proposals


Step 6: Fulfillment

  • Create your influencers’ orders and track the fulfillment status.
  • Create an E-commerce order or draft directly in GRIN or export a CSV to coordinate with your fulfillment team.
  • Have complete visibility of influencer shipping details, shipment status, tracking number(s), etc.


Step 7: Check for Content

  • Monitor influencer content and metrics using Progress, Content, and Reporting.
  • View the Progress of each influencer by latest content date, fulfillment, uploaded content, etc.
  • Content displays the current posts, stories, videos, and uploaded content posted by your influencers.
  • View and export your overall and influencer’s individual spend, revenue, IMV, etc. in Reporting.
  • View influencers' story metrics and insights



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