How to Upload Content Manually Through Your Live URL Dashboard

Within the Live URL, after the proposal is submitted, you are able to deliver content manually for the brand you are working with based on their requirements or request.  Use the following steps to learn how to deliver different types of content. 

Within this article, you will learn how to:


Deliver Network Posts and Videos

You are able to deliver network posts and videos manually within your Live URL. Once uploaded, the brand you are working with will be able to see the content and the associated metrics for that content. The brand will then review to be able to determine if the campaign or partnership is successful, which could lead to more sponsorships in the future. Posts from Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube can be uploaded using the following steps. 

Step 1 Copy the full URL of your post or video from Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.


Step 2 Within your Live URL, click My Proposal and then click View Details for the campaign you need to upload content to.


Step 3 Scroll down to the Review Tasks section and click Deliver under the associated Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube task. 


Step 4 Paste the copied post URL in the box and click the Deliver Content Link button.



Delivering Instagram Stories

Instagram stories and story insights take a slightly different process as uploading posts because they are not visible after a 24hr period. After the 24hr period stories disappear from public view and are then stored in an archive, if set up, along with story insights. Please keep in mind story insights are only available for up to 14 days after a story is created. You are able to download your stories and upload them to the Live URL using the following steps: 

Step 1 Log into your Instagram account on a mobile phone and click the profile icon on the bottom right.

Step 2 Click the menu icon on the top right and select Insights


Step 3 Under the Content tab, scroll down to Stories, select the story you would like to deliver, and swipe up from the bottom to reveal the insights.


Step 4 Click the download button on the top right to download your IG story and then take a screenshot of your story insights.


Step 5 Go to your Live URL and click View Details.


Step 6 Scroll to the Review Tasks section and under the IG Story task click Deliver.


You can only upload one story file per story task. If the story has multiple frames, there would need to be a story task set up for each one.


Step 7 Click Choose a file, select the Instagram story that was downloaded, and click Deliver Story Media.


Step 8 Once the story is uploaded, a new option to deliver insights will appear. Click the Upload Story Insights button. 


Step 9 Click Choose a file, select the Instagram story insights that you took a screenshot of, and click the Upload Insights Screenshot button.



Delivering Content via a General Upload

You are able to upload content that is not connected to any current task or if there is no other upload option available for your campaign tasks via a general upload.  

Step 1 Within your Live URL, click View Details.


Step 2 Scroll down to Review Tasks and click Upload Files.


Step 3 Upload content and click Finish Uploading.



If the post is delivered via general upload, then we cannot pull in reporting for those posts.

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