How Creators Can Review Their Conversions & Payouts

Use the following guide to learn how creators will review their conversions and any payments that have been submitted to them.

The brand you are working with may give you a unique discount code and/or affiliate link. It is important to have your audience use the code and link when purchasing products from the brand you are working with. Once sales are made through your link or code, you are able to view the commissions you've earned and the payments your brand has sent you within the Payouts tab of your Live URL. 


Creators will only be able to review their sales within their Live URL if they are being paid a commission rate. Pending sales will also be shown in their Payout dashboard, while any orders that are canceled or returned will be removed from their payouts.

Step 1 Within the Live URL, click the Settings tab.

Step 2 Verify your account by clicking Verify Now to send a login link to the email on file.

Once verified, you will not have to verify again to access the Settings page unless you use another browser. 


Step 3 Once verified, the 'Payouts' tab will appear. Click the Payouts tab to review Your Payments and Your Conversions.

Within the Payouts tab, you are able to first view ‘Your Payments’ which is a list of all the payments that have been sent to you for various reasons displayed in the ‘For’ column. Below the ‘Your Payments’ section is ‘Your Conversions’, which displays the commissions earned based on sales made from either your discount code or affiliate link. The brand you are working with can review the sale to be verified and once they have sent payment the conversion will be marked as paid.


If you notice that a payment is marked as "Refunded", "Expired", or "Failed", this indicates that your PayPal and/or tax form was not submitted within 30-days of the payment submission. Once you have set up both your PayPal and tax information, reach out directly to the brand to have these payments resent.

If you have already set up your PayPal and tax information within the 30-days, but are still receiving these statuses please reach out to




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