How to Set-up Affiliate Links to Apply to Discount Codes

Assign discount codes before assigning affiliate links

It is important to note that for the affiliate links to work properly, you will need to assign the discount codes to your influencers before assigning their affiliate links. Assigning the affiliate links before the discount codes will result in the links being generated without a discount code and customers will be directed to an error page.


To set up an affiliate link with a discount code you will first need to create a discount code group.

Step 1 Click on Brands within the navigation bar.

Step 2 Click on the Affiliate Links icon.


Step 3 Click New Link on the top right-hand corner.

Step 4 Under Step 2. URL Details, set up a Destination URL and add "/discounts" to the URL. 


Step 5 Click Variables and drag and drop the discount code group variable for the code you would like applied when the links are used. The end result should be, for example, https//[discount_code_group].


Step 6 Click Save.


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