How to Setup a Brand

Step 1 Click the Brands tab.

Step 2 Click + New Brand in the right-hand corner.

Step 3 In "Step 1. Brand Identity” set up your brand's basics, such as the brand name, description, and cover photo.


Step 4 In “ Step 2. Currency”, select the type of currency that the brand uses.


Step 5 In “Step 3. Ecommerce Account”, connect your eCommerce store.


Make sure to adjust your security settings as you will be directed to your eCommerce store to log in during this process.


Step 6 In "Step 4. Social Accounts", click Connect New Account and then click Add underneath Instagram. 

If there are multiple Instagram business accounts connected to your Facebook page you will see a list to select from. More than one Instagram account can be connected as well.
Make sure to be logged into the Facebook page that your brand's Instagram account is linked to during this process. If you are not logged in, then you will be directed to a Facebook login page.


Step 7 In “Step 5. Social Listening” and under “Mention Tracking”, enable the mention tracking for the IG accounts connected.


Step 8 In the same step, click “Manage Hashtags” in the “Hashtag Tracking” section. This is to set up the hashtags that you would like to track, along with the mentions.

Step 9 In “Step 6. Recruitment Settings” you can set up certain requirements for the content & influencers to be picked up such as reach & engagement rate.


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