08-2019: Sequence Engagement Metrics, Campaign Preview & Tracking Shipments

Optimized sequence engagement metrics:

Now you can review unique influencers who opened, replied and click your email sequences to evaluate the steps influencers take during your email outreach. 

Analyzing unique open rates is a good measurement of how your message is being received. While unique replies demonstrate how engaged your influencers are with your campaign outreach. This optimization can help you be strategic in your approach to influencer communication.


Enhanced campaign preview:

During the campaign set-up, you can interact with the campaign preview to experience the influencer campaign workflow.
This gives you the ability to cross-check the set-up before inviting influencers to the campaign.

Centralized shipment tracking information in campaigns:

The shipment tracking number can be viewed next to the shipment status in the fulfillment section of a campaign. This improves shipment tracking workflow making it easier to review all shipment information in one place.




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