How to Set Your Campaign Budget



How to set an influencer marketing budget.

To calculate your budget per influencer we suggest budgeting $4-$9 USD per 1,000 followers.


 Quick Tip

If you are looking at an influencer with 50,000 followers, we suggest paying them between $200 and $450 per piece of content. 50,000/1,000 = 50 50 x $4 = $200 and 50 x $9 = $450

To calculate your total campaign budget, multiply your maximum spend per influencer by the maximum number of influencers, you'd like to work with.


 Quick Tip

If you have decided you'd like to work with a maximum of 20 influencers and have a maximum spend per influencer of $500. 20 max number of influencers x $500 max spend per influencer = $10,000 Total campaign budget = $10,000

You have the ability to compensate your influencers with a product, cash or a combination of both. If you're including a product as compensation, remember to include the retail cost of the product when calculating your budget. Using the scenario from the previous example, if your product has a retail cost of $200, you'll compensate influencers with the product and up to $300 in cash to reach the $500 per influencer budget.


How to set-up your budget in a campaign

Step 1 Click Program, within the navigation bar, and select Campaigns from the drop-down menu.

Step 2 Click the Edit Campaign icon.


Step 3 In 'Step 1. Campaign Basics', enter your budget in Campaign Budget and click save.



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