How to Set-Up a Partnership

Partnerships are one-to-one campaigns and can only be created in an influencer contact profile.

Step 1 In the top navigation, click Recruit and select My Influencers from the drop-down menu.

Step 2 Search for your influencer and click manage.


 Step 3 Scroll down the page to Partnerships and click New Partnership.

Step 4 In "Step 1. Overview", select the brand, enter the Internal name, Influencer nameInfluencer Overview to provide an overview for the influencer and setbudget. 


Step 5 In "Step 2. Schedule and Timeline", enter a start date, durationend date, and select whether or not the deliverables will be tracked monthly. If No is selected, indicate the deliverable schedule.


Step 6 In "Step 3. Deliverables", click Add Deliverable and enter Deliverable Title, Network, How Many, and select the task delivery schedule.


Step 7 In "Step 4. Compensation", enter how the influencer will be compensated in Compensation Preview and select the compensation method. Additional details will need to be filled out with each compensation method chosen.


Step 8 In "Step 5. Tracking", select an option for delivering content and content dates. To ensure that the content is auto tracked, add tracking mentions and hashtags, and select an affiliate link.


Quick Tip

To ensure that you pull all influencer content, list any deviations from the hashtags the influencer may use.


Step 9 In "Step 6. Supporting Assets", upload any necessary documents, posting guidelines, design briefs to share with the influencer.


Step 10 In "Step 7. Rights and Agreements", select applicable content rights from the list or click Use Custom Rights to cut & paste your own. If you have a contract, upload it in the contract agreement.


Quick Tip

We integrate with HelloSign for easier contract management, you can connect your account in the contact agreement section.


Step 11 In "Step 8. Customization", adjust the default headlines to reflect your brand voice for the influencer facing partnership page. 


Step 12 In "Step 9. Review and Publish", review the partnership information and publish the page. 




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