How to Set up a Landing Page

A landing page is a tool to help recruit potential influencers. Landing pages are intended for inbound use in order to collect information from influencers who would like you join your influencer program. You also have the option to directly link a landing page to a particular campaign so influencers can submit a campaign proposal, as well.


Keep in mind the landing page is for inbound purposes only. Influencers who are already within your "Contacts" will not be able to apply through a landing page. After entering their email, they will be directed to a message indicating their email was already found in your account.

Step 1 Click on Recruit and select Landing Pages.

Step 2 Select Create in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 3 In 'Step 1. Internal', select a brand and enter an internal name.


Step 4 In 'Step 2. Page Basics', create a page URL. You also have the option to create a new page URL domain.


The account domain that you create is the URL that an influencer will see when they are applying to join your influencer program.


Step 5 Enter a Page Headline, add a page description, and choose a support email.


Step 6 Assign the landing page a campaign (Optional) and upload a brand logo.


Step 7 In 'Step 3. Page Layout', select either Simple Layout or Customizable Layout

 Quick Tip

For better engagement select customizable layout. You can add color, background type, and an overlay.


Step 8 In 'Step 4. Form Fields', select the application form fields that you want to collect from your influencers.

 Quick Tip

Keep it brief, don't ask for too much in an inbound landing page. This is an opportunity to give an overview and determine if they want to engage and represent your brand. You can capture more information once they have been promoted as an influencer and added to a campaign.


Step 9 In 'Step 5. Publish Page', select Yes to publish the page.



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