Tips and Tricks for Implementing a Travel Campaign

A travel campaign is a campaign where you're sending influencers on trips to conferences, exotic destinations, events, etc. They'll create content and share on their blog website or social media channels. 

What are the benefits of Travel Campaigns?

A travel influencer allows you to get new, unique reusable content that is authentic. The content is relatable to followers and also inspirational to those who see the post, blog or vlog. They create brand awareness and shape how customers view your brand.

Travel campaigns also help foster a deeper relationship with your influencers to build more brand loyalty, creating engagement valuable beyond the campaign timeline.

 How do I measure the success of my Travel Campaign?

Some common goals and relevant metrics to measure your campaign once it is done are:

  1. Brand Awareness can be measured by follower growth, number of mentions and reach on social platforms.
  2. Website Traffic can be measured by an increase of traffic to your website during the campaign timeline.
  3. Page Views and Time Ratio can be measured by reviewing average page views and time on page. 

 Quick Tip

Google Analytics can track the source of your traffic making it easier to attribute fluctuations in traffic that align with your campaigns.

How do I get started creating a Travel Campaign?

Step 1 Identify your goals and metrics to measure the return on investment.

Step 2 Determine your budget

Step 3 Determine the deliverables.

  1. Blog. 
  2. Review/Testimonial.
  3. Blog and social posts.
  4. Collaborate with an influencer based on their brand.

Step 4 Find the influencer. 

  1. The right fit for a travel influencer is key. Review their blogs, posts and brand voice to ensure that it is the right match.
  2. Review their audience engagement. It is not enough that they have a high follower count, they have to have an engaged audience for your influencer campaign to provide you a true ROI.
  3. Get a baseline of their online footprint and get their website traffic, domain authority, page views, and time-on-page analytics.

Quick Tips on Travel Campaigns

  • Have a well planned out itinerary. This ensures that you are able to accomplish your goals for the trip while your influencers have an enjoyable experience. When planning your itinerary, remember that your influencers will be creating content on the trip so you'll want to include lots of scenic locations!
  • Pick a destination that makes sense for your brand
  • Be prepared to compensate them with cash in addition to trip costs. The amount can vary depending on the size of your influencer (micro, macro, mega/celebrity).
  • Schedule time for your influencer to explore on their own. This will give your influencer a level of control over their trip and allow them to visit any locations they're interested in that are not included in the itinerary.

Travel Campaign Ideas

  1. Influencer Takeover Campaign - Let your influencer take over your Instagram account while they are on their trip.
  2. Influencer as Creator Campaign - Have your influencers create content during their trip including stories, videos, and posts.
  3. Branded Content Campaign -  Provide your influencer with your products to use during their travel.
  4. Community Building Campaign - Send a group of your influencers on a trip together and use them to launch a Community Building Campaign.



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