TEMPLATE: Gifting and Unboxing Campaign

An unboxing "Unboxing" is when brands send influencers a curated package of products. The influencer creates a video of the arrival and opening of the package while talking about what they received to their audience.

This template has been designed specifically for use within Grin and is meant to be used as a guideline template. If there are brand specific edits.

Step 1. Campaign Basics

  • Choose your brand from the drop-down menu.
Suggested campaign title: [Brand Name] Unboxing Campaign.
  • Upload a campaign image.

Step 2. Campaign Details

  • Campaign Overview = Enter a description of the campaign. 
Campaign Overview Suggestion:
Hey there!


Who doesn't like getting packages in the mail??

My name is [Name] and I'm with [Brand]. We're running an Unboxing Campaign and are looking for influencers like you to participate! We'd like to send you a box of goodies and have you create and post a video of you opening it up and reacting to what's inside.

  • Campaign Dates = Enter your designated timeline.
  • Recurring Proposals = Non Recurring.
  • Visible To Influencers = Yes.

Step 3. Compensation

  • Compensation Method = Select Payment, Product, Commission.
  • How to set-up a campaign budget.  

Step 4. Tracking

  • Campaign #Tags and @Tags = Enter in the hashtags and handles you want to track.
  •  Choose an affiliate link if you are going to use one to track revenue.

Step 5. Influencer Details

  • Add tasks to the campaign. 


Task Suggestions:


Select Network = Instagram

Task Name = Unboxing on Instagram

Media Type = Video

Required Task = Mandatory

Influencer Requirements = Create a video that shows you getting the package and opening it up. Walk people through everything that you received showing enthusiasm as you unbox. Be sure to tag [Brand] and use #unboxing #[Brand]unboxing


Select Network = Facebook

Task Name = Facebook Unboxing

Media Type = Video

Required Task = Optional

Influencer Requirements = Share the video created for Instagram on Facebook and tag [Brand].


Select Network = YouTube 

Task Name = YouTube Unboxing

Media Type = Video

Required Task = Optional

Influencer Requirements = Post your unboxing video on your YouTube Channel.

Step 6. Notifications

  • (Optional) Choose whether you want to send influencers a notification when their proposal has been accepted or denied.

Step 7. Supporting Assets

  • (Optional) Upload any images, videos, or designs for your influencer to use. Or include any brand guidelines for them to follow.

Step 8. Content Rights

  • Select the content rights or cut & paste your brand content rights.

Step 9. Customization

  • (Optional) Update the section titles that will appear in your influencers' Live URLs to match your brand voice.
Click Save to start adding influencers to your campaign! 
You can always click Influencer Preview to review what the campaign will look like to your influencer.




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