What are Partnerships

Partnerships are one-on-one campaign partnerships used for long-term influencer contracts. With the same capabilities of a traditional campaign where you can assign and track deliverables, manage fulfillment, assign affiliate links and discount codes and facilitate payments.


A partnership is designed from the ground up to make managing one-on-one influencer contracts flexible and centralized.

However, there are a few differences between campaigns and partnerships.

How are Partnerships Different from Campaigns?

The most noticeable difference between campaigns and partnerships is that campaigns are designed to support one-to-many influencers with like contracts. Whereas, each partnership is tied to a single influencer. 

Partnerships are also managed against a specific timeline (ex: 6-month contract with deliverables each month), making the day-to-day management of partnership different from campaigns. You will take action for each partnership at intervals according to the timeline rather than to scale. 





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