How to Setup Social Listening

Social Listening is used to track user-generated content and discover influencers who are posting about your brand, either by direct mention or via hashtag.

Social listening is currently supported for Instagram, with plans to support Twitter and Facebook in the near future.

Step 1 In the top navigation, select Brands.

Step 2 Click the Edit Brand icon.


Step 3 Select "Step 4. Social Accounts", click Connect New Account and then click Add underneath Instagram. You should see a list of all your Facebook Pages that have Instagram Business Accounts.  


Step 4 Click Connect under the brand page your account to complete the connection.


You can connect multiple Instagram Business Accounts using the same steps.

Step 5 Click "Step 5. Social Listening" and under Mention Tracking, click to tracking enabled for all the handles that you want to be tracked. Under Hashtag Tracking, click Manage Hashtags next to your account and add your branded hashtag.

 Quick Tip

Add non-branded hashtags that relate to your brand extend the reach of social listening and capture a wider influencer search.



  • Only recognized hashtags can be tracked, you will receive an error message if it is not a recognized hashtag.
  • You can add multiple hashtags per connected account.
  • You can edit and remove hashtags.

Step 6  Click "Step 6. Recruitment Settings" to narrow down  the posts that get pulled in by setting Influencer Thresholds. Enter your desired influencer reach and engagement rate and select if you want to only pull influencers with an email address. You can adjust these settings at any time. 



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