How to Create and Manage Custom Properties

Custom Properties are unique pieces of information about your influencer that are important to your program or could simply tell you more information about your influencers. Standard properties already included in GRIN are Name, Phone number, address, etc., while custom properties can be anything from clothing size to asking why your influencer would be a good fit for your brand. 

In this article, learn how to: 


How to Create Custom Properties

Step 1 Click on Contacts and select My Influencers.

Step 2 Click Settings located on the right-hand corner and select Custom Properties from the drop-down menu.


Step 3 Click + Create in the right-hand corner.

Step 4 In 'Step 1. Property Details', enter a Label, Influencer Label (optional), and Influencer Description (optional).


Step 5 In 'Step 2. Types & Options', select the Field Type from the drop-down menu, and enter the options for that field type. Click Save

 Quick Tip

Choose Single-Line text, Multi-Line text, and number to enter text. Choose Date to select a date. Choose Drop-down select, Single checkbox, Multiple checkboxes, and Radio select to provide options to select from.


Add Custom Properties to a Campaign

When setting up a campaign, you have the option to add Custom Properties to be included in the proposal submission process in your influencers' Live Site. When influencers are filling out their proposal they will have the option to answer questions you have created within Custom Properties. 

Step 1 Click Program and select Campaigns from the drop-down menu.

Step 2 Click the Edit Campaign Details icon.


Step 3 Under Step 8. Other Information, scroll down to the Collect Additional Fields section and check the boxes for the additional fields you would like to include.



Add Custom Properties to a Landing Page

When setting up a Landing page, you have the option to add Custom Properties to be included in the application submission process. When applicants are filling out the Landing page application they will have the option to answer questions you have created within Custom Properties. 

Step 1 Click on Recruit and select Landing Pages.

Step 2 Click Edit under your Landing Page. 

Step 3 In 'Step 4. Form Fields', select the application form fields that you want to collect from your influencers.



Filter and Sort by Custom Properties

Once your influencer has submitted their proposal that included Custom Properties, you are able to filter and sort your contacts by the properties. In order to filter and sort by custom properties, you will first need to add the properties as Columns within your Contacts tabs. 

Step 1 Click on Contacts and select either My Influencer, Prospects, or Applicants.

Step 2 Click the Columns button and select Available.


Step 3 Select Custom Properties, select your properties, and click Update Columns


After the Custom Properties columns are added, you are now able to filter and/or sort the Contacts tab by the influencer's custom properties.

Step 4 To sort by custom properties, scroll over to the custom properties column, and click the sort icon. 


Step 5 To filter by custom properties, click Filters and click + Add Fields.


Step 6 Under Custome Field, select Your Properties.


Step 7 Select your property and click Apply Filters.


View Custom Properties within Contact's profile

Step 1 Click on Contacts and select either My Influencer, Prospects, or Applicants.

Step 2 Search for your influencer and click on their name.


Step 3 Scroll down to Custom Properties and view the properties your influencers have added. 





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