Tips and Tricks for Implementing an Influencer Takeover Campaign

An Instagram takeover is when an influencer takes over a brand's Instagram account temporarily to share content with the audience.


Why run an Influencer Takeover Campaign?

How do I get started creating an Influencer Takeover Campaign?

How do I measure the success of my Influencer Takeover Campaign?

Quick tips on Influencer Takeover Campaigns.

Influencer Takeover Campaign Ideas.

Why run an Influencer Takeover Campaign?

Influencer takeovers act as an endorsement showing trust in your brand to followers. They provide user-generated content, help drive engagement, and bring you overall brand awareness.

In addition, because you pick the length of the takeover, you stay in control of the campaign budget, making it a cost-effective option in your influencer marketing program. 

How do I get started creating an Influencer Takeover Campaign?

Step 1  Identify your goals and metrics to measure the return on investment.

Step 2  Find the influencer. 

Step 3  Determine how you want the takeover to be done.

There are a couple of ways that an influencer can post to your account:

  1. Provide them with a temporary password so that the influencer has full access to your Instagram account. Just to be safe, change your password after the takeover is complete. You don't want your influencer accidentally logging into and posting on the wrong account!
  2. Arrange for the influencer to send you all of the content so that you can post on their behalf.

Step 4 Determine the deliverables. 

Select one, or have them run with all:

  1. Post an image or a series of images on the account.
  2. Post in Instagram stories and create highlights.
  3. Go live with Instagram.

Step 5  Promote the takeover across your social media channels. 

Step 6 it's time to  Takeover!

Step 7  Analyze the goals and metrics of the takeover campaign.

How do I measure the success of my Influencer Takeover Campaign?

This type of campaign is great for getting more engagements on your social media content and getting more, authentic fans for your brand. But how can you measure the success of the campaign?

Some common goals and relevant metrics to measure your campaign once it is done are:

  1. Brand Awareness can be measured by follower growth, number of mentions and reach.
  2. Engagement can be measured by the number of likes, comments, and shares.
  3. Website Traffic can be measured by an increase of traffic to your website during the campaign timeline.

Quick Tips on Influencer Takeover Campaigns

  • Pick your influencers carefully. Make sure that the content they post on their own page is in line with what your brand is about.
  • Be clear with your rules for the takeover. Let your influencer know if there are certain hashtags you'd like them to use, any words you'd like them to avoid, how many times you require them to post during their takeover, etc.
  • Promote the influencer's takeover on both your brand's social media pages and your influencer's pages.

Influencer Takeover Campaigns Ideas

  1. Giveaway Campaigns -  If your campaign goal is to launch a new product or raise awareness for an existing product, create a giveaway to be hosted during the takeover to promote your new product. 
  2. Event Campaign - If your promoting an event, create a takeover campaign to promote the event leading up to or during the event.
  3. Travel Campaign - Have your influencer takeover your page during a trip.



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