How to Set up and Send Influencer Alerts

Influencer alerts are used when you need to notify a high volume of influencers (500+). Alerts can be sent by email, bypassing daily email limits, or text messages based on the influencer's preference.


How to set-up Influencer Alerts

Step 1 Go into your Account Settings.


Step 2 Click on Influencer Alerts from the menu. 


You will have the option to set up both SMS and Email alerts.


Step 3 Scroll down to Email Alerts and follow 'Step 1. Add Sending Domain' to set-up email alerts and enter Your Domain ( and click Add Domain.


Step 4 Add DNS Records so that the messages come from your brand rather than Grin. The DNS records are added from your domain provider's control panel.

DNS management links to the common domain providers:

Once the DNS records have been added it usually only takes a couple of minutes, but it could take up to 24 hours.

Step 5 Follow 'Step 2. Add DNS Records to Verify Domain' and click Check DNS Records. If one appears invalid, wait a minute, and check again.


Step 6 Follow 'Step 3. Set Sending Email Address' and enter a Name (your brand), email address (influencers, alerts), and click Set Email Address.

Step 7 Follow 'Step 1. Choose Phone Number' and click Reserve Number to select a number to send alerts from. You can also search for a specific number.


How to send Influencer Alerts

Step 1 Click on Contacts and select My Influencers from the menu.

Step 2 Select the influencers you want to alert, click on the ellipsis button and click the Send Alert


Step 3 Compose your alert, click Preview to review and click send.






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