What Does My Influencer See When They Are Invited to a Campaign

Once a prospect has been approved, you can invite them to a campaign and send them a link to their Live URL to review the campaign proposal. From their Live URL, they can review the campaign details, task requirements, select products, update shipping information and connect their social networks.


If an influencer has not been added into a campaign, and they access their Live URL, they will be met with a blank dashboard that reads "No Current Campaigns".


The Overview section provides space to explain to your influencer why you are implementing this campaign and why you have chosen them specifically. Your influencer can refer back to this section in order to gain a better sense of the campaign's goals and their part to play. 



Under Compensation, your influencers will be able to see the written summary of how they will be compensated. Compensation can be in the form of product, commission and/or payment. Depending on how you would like to compensate your influencers they will see any or all of the compensation methods. 


Media Requirements

Media Requirements provides a list of all the media deliverable tasks that you would like your influencer to complete. Your influencer is able to select tasks by syncing the corresponding social network. For example, in order to select the Instagram Photo task, your influencer will need to sync their Instagram to add the task. 

If a task is required, then your influencer will not be able to submit their proposal until the network is synced and the task is selected. However, if the task is not required your influencer will be able to submit a proposal without selecting the task.

Along with the tasks your influencers are to deliver, hashtags and mentions will be displayed in addition to instructions to include them within their posts and videos. 


Contact Information

Under Contact Information, your influencers will include their Shipping address along with any additional information you require, such as phone number, gender, etc. In addition, there is space for your influencers to include any additional information they may want to tell you. Influencers can put anything from delivery instructions to excitement to be working with your brand.


Content Rights

Once the compensation method(s) have been seen or chosen, networks synced and tasks chosen, and additional information added, your influencers will agree to your terms and conditions. In order to submit the proposal, the influencers will need to agree and accept the terms set for the campaign. 



Once an influencer submits a campaign proposal, you can review and manage the proposal in the Campaign Work Room. 



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