How To Get Instagram Story Insights

This article will take you through what the OAuth verification is and why it is important when collecting Instagram stories and their metrics. This article will also briefly explain an alternative for getting Instagram story insight for an influencer who deny connecting through the OAuth verification and creating Instagram story tasks.


What is an Instagram Story?

Stories are videos or images that vanish after 24 hours and appear in the bar at the top of a profile feed. Unlike most public Instagram content and metric data, stories are a restricted content type and cannot be accessed without the user's explicit permission. 


How do I get permission to access Story insights?

In order to access another user's story data, three things are required:

  • The business or brand that wants to access the data must go through a Facebook verification and permissions approval process.
  • Influencers must have an Instagram business account linked to a Facebook business page.
  • The user (influencer) who owns the story must give their consent by making what's called an OAuth connection.

What is OAuth?

OAuth is an authentication protocol that allows brands the ability to have secure designated access without the need to share passwords. Rather than sharing passwords, authorization tokens are used to prove identity between the influencer and the brand. During the connection process, the user grants access to read their stories, story insights, and their audience data.

Grin has already gone through the required approval process, which leaves the OAuth connection on the Influencer side the only required step. We collect a few specific insights from stories and only share those insights with the brand they are collaborating with. 


How to get story insights without the OAuth connection?

We recognize that certain Influencers may not feel comfortable connecting their Instagram account or accepting an OAuth. Those influencers are still able to participate in campaigns where stories are required.

The influencer would need to upload their story media and a screenshot of their story insights in the deliverables in their Live URL. We allow brands to control the options available to the influencer during the campaign set-up.


How to create a Story Task within a Campaign? 

Step 1 In Step 5. Influencer Details click New Task to create a new deliverable. 

Step 2 Select Instagram from the Select Network drop-down menu, then select Story from the Media Type drop-down menu 

Step 3  When Story is selected as an option, the Require OAuth Connection selection will appear. The requirement will require the influencer to connect their Instagram account and will automatically pull in story insights. Optional will provide the option to connect or upload Instagram story insights manually.



We highly recommend encouraging your Influencers to connect their accounts, and only making it optional if you have a compelling reason to do so.



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