What is the Campaign Work Room

The Campaign Work Room is where you are able to manage influencers that you have selected to participate in a specific campaign. The workflow of the work room allows you to effectively track the progress of your campaign.



How to get to your Campaign Work Room

Step 1 Click on Program and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click the Campaign Work Room icon.


Key Terms of your Work Room Navigation


Influencers who have been assigned to your campaign are stored within My Influencers.



After sending out your campaign emails to selected influencers, those who choose to participate will migrate to Proposals. In this section, you can Accept, Decline, or Negotiate the proposal.



Once you have accepted influencer proposals, those influencers will migrate to Discounts. In this section, you can assign Discount Codes. 


Once you have accepted the influencers' proposals, those influencers will migrate to Links. In this section, you can assign Affiliate Links.

 Quick Tip

Within the Discount and Links sections, you are able to review each influencer's code and link to make slight adjustments, if needed. Payout rates, date ranges and code groups can be adjusted for discount codes. And the URL, Destination URL, date ranges and payout rate can be adjusted for affiliate links.  



A Discount code group and an Affiliate link group need to be selected within the campaign details for these sections to appear.


Once proposals have been approved, you are able to send influencer selected product within Fulfillment. You are able to fulfill orders, view shipment status, email influencers, delete proposals, etc. within this section.



After product is delivered and/or proposals have been submitted, the status of the influencer can be viewed within Progress. You are able to view the influencer's posted content, add content manually, review proposal notes, etc. within this section. 



Within Content, you are able to view all of your influencers posted content that is pulled in by the campaign's designated hashtags and handles.



Reporting provides an overview of the campaign from Influencer Key Performance Indicators to breakdowns of individual influencer analytics.



Payments provide an overview of the campaign's revenue and conversions. You are able to view influencer's individual conversions and make payments to those influencers. 



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