How to Send Product to Influencers

Once you connect your e-commerce store to your brand, you can fulfill and track influencer orders directly from a campaign or partnership. To send products to influencers, you will need to create the orders from within your campaign work room. Once an order is created they will be pushed over to your e-commerce store to be processed and shipped.


You will need to have already connected your e-commerce store and set-up products in your Brand before sending any product to an influencer.


Step 1 Click Program, on the navigation bar, and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click on the Campaign Work Room icon.


Step 3 Click Fulfillment and select the checkbox next to the influencers you want to send product. 

Step 4 Click on the blue checkmark icon on the right-hand side and select Create Shopify/WooCommerce Order from the drop-down menu.


To create WooCommerce orders you may need to adjust the "Guest Checkout" and "Account Creation" settings. To learn how to adjust to the required settings, click here.


 Quick Tip

Create a follow-up email template to send once the order has been fulfilled that reminds your influencers of the tasks, deadlines, discount and/or affiliate links to use during their posting.

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