Influencer Contact Profile Overview

An influencer's contact profile is the central place for all influencer information. You can manage influencer properties, assign campaigns or partnerships, keep notes, send emails and create tasks directly from their profile. 

In the guide, you will learn about:


How to Access an Influencer's Profile?

Step Click Contacts and select My Influencers from the drop-down menu. 

Step 2 Click on the influencer to enter their profile.



You can hover over the influencer's name across the platform and click Manage to navigate to the contact profile.


The Influencers Contact Profile Overview

Audience Report
An analytics report on the influencer's data, audience, and post statistics. Keep in mind that an influencer's follower count is in constant fluctuation so keeping this report up to date, all the time, is difficult. However, we understand the importance of relevant data so these reports are updated every 30-days.
Can be used if the influencer is managed through a manager or agent.
Contact Type
Identifies the influencer contact type: Influencer, Prospect, Manager or Application.
Where you can manage and review the list of campaigns that an influencer has been assigned.
Assign, review, edit, and create partnerships.
Live URL
An influencers' unique link that provides them an overview of active campaigns they have been invited to.
Relationship Stage
Classification of the influencer relationship workflow. We have default stages, but these can be adjusted to reflect your brand's workflow
Tags that have been assigned to the influencer. Tags help you organize and keep track of your contacts with tags that make sense for your influencer management workflow.
Who in your organization owns that influencer contact profile.
Discount Codes
Overview of discount codes that have been assigned to an influencer. 
Overview of the revenue the influencer has produced from participating in campaigns.
Overview of how much an influencer has been paid. Payments also includes visibility to whether or not an influencer is capable of accepting payment. If not, they will need to fill out and submit their payout forms
Custom Properties
Unique properties assigned to your contacts.
Influencer social network links.



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