How to Invite and Add Influencers to a Campaign

The following guide will take you through how to invite an influencer to participate in your campaign and how to add them to a campaign once they agree to work with you.

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How to Invite Influencers to Participate in a Campaign

The best way to invite an influencer to participate in a campaign is by initiating a conversation through email. It is a great opportunity for you to explain who you are and why you are reaching out. Once an influencer has shown interest you can add them to a campaign and send campaign details, via their unique Live URL. 

Any influencer can be added to a campaign whether they are in "Prospects" or in "My Influencers". If a "Prospects" is added into a campaign they will remain a prospect unless they are promoted manually to an influencer or once they submit a proposal and it is accepted. The prospect will be promoted to an influencer automatically when their proposal is accepted.

Step 1 Click Contacts, in the navigation bar, and select Prospects or My Influencers.

Step 2 Check the box next to the influencers you would like to invite via an outreach email.

Step 3 Click the blue checkmark icon on the top right-hand side.

Step 4 Select Send Email from the drop-down menu.


Step 5 Compose your initial outreach email or insert a preprepared Template and Signature

  Quick Tip

Add variables into the email body by clicking on Insert and selecting Insert Variable and dragging & dropping, for example, First Name and Instagram Username variables. Variables can be used to personalize your emails when sending in mass. For example, when using the variable [first name] your influencer's first name will automatically populate when the email is sent.  


Step 6 Once you have received confirmation the influencer would like to participate in your campaign, you are able to add them to a campaign and send them their Live URL to submit a proposal. 


How to Add Influencers to a Campaign 

Once influencers have agreed to work with you, they can be added to a campaign. Once added, influencer content, based on established hashtags and mentions, will be able to be pulled in along with associated metrics.

Once the influencer has been added to a campaign, you can send campaign details via their unique Live URL. Live URLs are a unique link that will display all of the campaigns and/or partnerships that an influencer is participating in for your brand. Influencers will have access to view campaign details, set-up payment information, sync their social accounts, etc. 

 Best Practice

An influencer should only be pushed into a campaign once they have agreed to work with your brand. 



How to Add Multiple Influencers to a Campaign

Step 1 Click Contacts, in the navigation bar, and select Prospects or My Influencers.

Step 2 Check the box next to the influencers you want to add to your campaign and click the blue checkmark on the top right.

Step 3 Select Add to Campaigns from the drop-down menu.


Step 4 Check the box next to each campaign you'd like your influencers to be added into and click Save Campaigns.


Add an Influencer to a Campaign through their Profile

Step 1 Click Contacts, in the navigation bar, and select Prospects or My Influencers.

Step Hover over the influencer's name and click Manage.


Step 3 Scroll down the contact profile to Campaigns and click Manage Campaigns.


Step 4 Check the box to the campaign(s) you'd like the influencer to be added into and click Save Campaigns



How to send an Influencer their Live URL

It is best practice to send an influencer their Live URL the moment they are added into a campaign. Once received, your influencers will be able to view the campaign details, choose campaign tasks to start submitting deliverables, etc.


If an influencer is given their Live URL before being added to a campaign they will only see a message saying 'No Current Campaigns'. 

Step 1 Click Programs and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click the Campaign Workroom and under the Influencers tab, select the influencers who you'd like to start participating in the campaign.

Step 3 Click the blue checkmark on the top right and select Send Email.


Step 4 Compose your acceptance email or insert a preprepared template and insert the Live URL variable. 


Each influencer has their own unique Live URL. It is best practice to use the Live URL variable in your emails in order to remove the risk of sending out the incorrect link. Sending an incorrect link will lead to incorrect information being added in by the incorrect influencer. This will cause a discrepancy in the influencers' contact information, proposals, and order information, for the influencers involved in the mix-up.


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