How to Set up Campaigns

This guide will walk you through how to set up a campaign. Campaigns are your influencer briefs. They are set up to keep all of the information on your brief organized and in one place in order to manage the progress.  

Step 1 Click on Program and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click the + Create button in the upper right-hand corner.


Step 3 In 'Step 1. Campaign Basics', select a brand, enter a campaign title, set a budget, and upload a campaign image.



Influencer Campaign Title and Influencer Short Description are optional fields for you to fill. If you leave blank, the Influencer Campaign Title will be replaced with the Campaign Title and the Influencer Short Description will be left blank.

Step 4  In "'Step 2. Campaign Details', enter a Campaign Overviewselect Campaign Dates, select whether to allow Recurring Proposals and make the campaign Visible to Influencers.


Step 5 In 'Step 3. Compensation', choose a payment method (payment, product, commission).

  • If Payment or Commission is selected, write a brief description and select if you will provide an Online Payment or Other.
  • If Commission is selected, you will need to writedescription and if you will be assigning discount codes or affiliate links. You will also need to assign an affiliate or discount code group to the campaign.
  • If Product is selected, write a brief product info, select whether to allow product selection, show product price, the max number of product price an influencer can select, and restrict selection types.


Step 6 In 'Step 4. Tracking', enter the hashtags and handles you want to track for the campaign.

 Quick Tip

If you want to track the revenue from affiliate links or discount codes without commission payouts, then you will set those up in this step.



The hashtags and handles you have selected will be used to automatically discover content and pull it into the Campaign and Influencer Content.


Step 7 In 'Step 5. Influencer Details', click Save to start. Click New Task and set-up the deliverables. For each task deliverable, you will select the network, select the media typeenter the task and influencer requirements, and indicate whether the task is a requirement. Click save after each task. 


If you create an Instagram story you will have the ability to make the OAuth connection required or optional. The OAuth connection is a requirement by Facebook that gives us the authorization to pull in your influencer's stories. We cannot pull in story content if the influencers' do not sync their Instagram via the OAuth connection.


Step 8  In 'Step 6. Notifications', you have the option to set-up an automated response to go out to the influencer whether you accept or decline their proposal. Select yes to create the email.


Step 9  In 'Step 7. Supporting Assets', you have the option to upload creative guidelines or examples for the influencer to review.


Step 10 In 'Step 8. Content Rights', click the checkbox next to the content rights you want to be applied to your campaign or select Use Custom Rights to cut and paste your own.


Step 11 In 'Step 9. Customization', you can customize the influencer facing section titles of the campaign form. The defaults in light grey will appear if you do not make any adjustments.


Step 12 Click Influencer Preview to review the Live URL that the influencer will receive and click Save.





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