How to Use Influencer Search

Influencer Search is a database of over 27 million influencers that you can search by keywords, hashtags, locations, and more. The extensive database gives you the ability to vet hundreds of social profiles across social platforms all in one spot.

We are not a network or marketplace where influencers bid for jobs. Search is just one of the many tools that we provide you with to recruit and create long-lasting, authentic relationships with influencers that genuinely want to collaborate with you.

In this article, you will learn:


How to Use Influencer Search

Step 1 Click Recruit, in the navigation bar, and select Influencer Search.

Step 2 Start your influencer search using keywords, hashtags, or handles in the search bar. A list of influencers will populate with information on their reach, engagements, engagement rate, social links, and bio. 


The total reach of influencers is calculated based on the sum of the influencer's followers across their social media. The engagement rate is the average of post interactions divided by the number of followers. Social links are pulled in from the influencer's bio. 


 Quick Tip

If you are looking for specific influencers, use our Chrome Extension.

Step 3 You can narrow your search further using the additional filters available. On the top right-hand side, click Filter.


Step 4 In the Search Filters menu, you are able to filter by Influencer or Audience. 


To read more about each filter option, hover over the question mark icon next to the option.

Step 5 Click Influencer to filter for information that is specific to the influencer's profile. You can filter by networks (Has YouTube, etc) and account type (regular, creator, business), as well as, properties (audience data, is verified). By default, influencers will be sorted by the relevance of keyword or interest. 


 Quick Tip

If you would like to recruit influencers based on your budget enable the Influencer Cost Estimator feature to view an estimation of the potential cost to work with a particular influencer.

Quick Tip (cont'd)

If you have removed or hidden influencers from your campaign, prospect or influencer list but would like to still see if they meet your filtered requirements, you can use the drop down menu for Properties and select Show Hidden.



Step 6 Click on Audience to filter for information that is specific to the audience of the influencer. 


 Quick Tip

If you have a high performing influencer you can use the Lookalike to help you find other influencers that have a similar audience.

Step 7 Select InstagramYoutube, or TikTok. This function filters to the influencer's primary platform for each network. Use the YouTube and Instagram search fields to narrow down to the most relevant influencers based on hashtags and mentions. 



How to Add Influencers as Prospects

Step 1 Click Recruit, in the navigation bar, and select Influencer Search.

Step 2 Select the checkboxes next to the influencers you want to recruit.

Step 3 Click the checkbox icon on the right-hand side and select Add as Prospects from the drop-down menu.


Step 4 In the pop-up window, select a Contact Stage and/or an Initial Tag and click Add Prospects.

  Quick Tip

You will also have the option to add a Contact Stage and/or an Initial Tag to the prospects. Contact Stages are great for managing and keeping track of the relationship stage you are in with particular influencers. Tags can also help manage your contacts by grouping together a particular set of influencers and make them easily identifiable as your contact list grows.


Step 5 Influencer who has successfully been added to your "Prospects" will have a checkmark as an indicator.


Any influencers who are deleted from your "Contacts", that were added from search, will have the checkmark removed and can be re-added as "Contacts".






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