How to Submit Proposals for an Influencer

Influencers that already have a contract in place for a particular campaign are not required to submit secondary proposals for additional tasks or products. You are able to create and submit the proposals on their behalf.

Step 1 Click Program and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click the Campaign Work Room icon.

Step 3 Check the boxes next to the influencers that you would like to submit a proposal for.


 Quick Tip

If you want to submit a proposal for only one influencer, click on the Create Proposal icon under the Actions column. 

Step 4 Click the blue checkmark in the right-hand corner and select Create Proposals.


Step 5 Select productsenter payment (if required), enter any notes, and click Create


If an influencer already has an existing proposal and you are receiving an error message when attempting to create another, then this will be due to the campaign being set to "Non Reccurring". Having the campaign set to this only allows influencers to have one proposal for the campaign. Learn how to resolved this here, or if you've upgraded your campaign to v2 click here.




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