How to Assign Discount Codes to Influencers

Discount codes allow you to track the revenue by the influencer to get accurate reporting for your campaigns. This guide will show you how to assign discount codes to your influencer by the campaign.

Before you can assign discount codes, you need to integrate your online store to Grin and set-up a discount code group. To learn how to create a discount code group click here.

Step 1 In the top navigation, click Program and select Campaigns.

Step 2 Click Edit Campaign Detail icon.


Step 3 In "Step 4. Tracking" select your Discount Group from the drop-down menu.


Step 4 Click Save.

Step 5 Click Campaigns in the blue navigation above this section to go back to your campaign home screen.

Step 6 Click Campaign Work Room icon.


Step 7 Click Discounts from the section navigation and select the checkbox next to the influencer that will be assigned the discount code.

 Step 8 Click on the blue checkmark icon on the right-hand side.



Step 9  Select Assign Discount Code from the drop-down menu.



To assign a code to an individual influencer, click on the assign code icon in the Actions column.
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