How to Setup Discount Code Groups

Discount codes are generated codes that are assigned to an individual or group of influencers within a campaign. The discount codes help you in tracking revenue in reporting. 

You must first connect your Shopify store to Grin in order to create discount codes. If your store is not integrated you will not see the Discounts icon in Brands.

Step 1  In the top navigation click Brands and click Discounts icon.


Step 2  Click New Group.

Step 3  In "Step 1. Group Options" enter Group Name, select whether you want to manually assign codes or enter unique codes, and include a code pattern for your new code.


Code Pattern - A code to be included when generating your new discount code. For further tracking, you can include influencer variables to provide unique content. 

Step 4 In "Step 2. Discount Options" select Discount Type from the drop-down menu and the Discount Value associated with the discount type.


Step 5 In "Step 3. Applies To" select what the discount applies to from the pull-down menu.


Step 6 In "Step 4. Discount Requirements" select the Minimum Requirement from the pull-down menu.


Step 7 In "Step 5. Discount Usage Limits" select the limits and timeline for the created discount code.


Step 8 In "Step 6. Affiliate Settings" you will set your default commission payout.

The payout defaults are used as fall back rates when specific influencer rates have not been set. You can adjust rates on an individual Influencer level.


Step 9 Click Save.

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