How to Import My Existing Influencers

If you have an existing list of influencers, you have the ability to import those contacts within GRIN. We also provide you with a sample CSV with the correct formatting for influencer imports. The sample CSV can also be modified to include any additional data you would like to import.


Prepare your file for Importing

Step 1 Click Contacts and select Prospects or My Influencers.

Step 2 Click on Add Influencers and select Import Influencers.


Step 3 Click Download a Sample.


Step 4 Format your CSV using the sample file that was downloaded.

Step 5 Fill out the influencers' First and Last Name, Email, and at least one of the influencer's social network URLs


 Add Additional Columns for Import


New custom properties will need to be created for every new column header you create. The most important columns to have filled out are First Name, Last Name, Email, and at least one social network URL. If you have other variables you want to track but is not a column header, then create the column and add the data.


Step 1 Click Contacts and select My Influencers.

Step 2 Click Settings in the right-hand corner and select Custom Properties


Step 3 Click the Create button. 


Step 4 In 'Step 1. Property Details', name your Property and Influencer Property Label, include a description, and click the Next button. 


The "Label" is the name you will see when managing contacts and contact properties while the "Influencer Label" is the name your influencers will see when required to provide information for this field. Custom properties are optional to provide to your influencers so if a property is internal, then you can exclude it when requesting influencer proposal details.


Step 5 In 'Step 2. Type & Options', choose your Field Type (i.e Single-Line Text, Dropdown select, number, etc.)


Step 6 Click the Save button on the top right. 

Step 7 Go back to the My Influencers and click Columns


Step 8 Select Available, click the Custom Properties, and select your created properties. 


Step 9 Click the Update Columns button. 

Step 10 On the downloaded CSV Sample, include additional columns of other properties to track (e.g Discount Code).


How to Import Influencers via a CSV

Step 1 Click Contacts and select My Influencers.

Step 2 Click Add Influencers and select Import Influencers. 


Step 3 Click Click to Upload to begin importing the CSV file.


Step 4 In 'Step 1. Import Details', enter an Import Name, select Record Type, Contact Stage, Initial Tag (optional), and Campaign (optional).


Select "UPDATE EXISTING CONTACTS" box if you believe that some of the influencers on your CSV already exist within your contacts. This will update the information for any existing contacts, rather than creating duplicates.


Step 5 In 'Step 2. Map Columns', select the Column Labels From CSV to import as your Contact Properties.

Step 6 In 'Step 3. Confirm & Start', click Start Import.



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