How to Create & Assign Affiliate Links

An affiliate link is a unique URL that creates a direct connection to a brand's site.  This link is usually shared by influencers through their posts to direct traffic to a specific location that a brand is promoting.

Creating affiliate links will allow you to generate unique links for each influencer, track views, visits, conversions (sales), offer discounts, and give you the option to pay influencer's commission on sales that are attributed to them.

Make sure to set up your affiliate tracking before proceeding.


How to Create Affiliate Link Groups


You must first create an affiliate link group to assign affiliate links to individual influencers.

Step 1: Click Brands, within the navigation, and click the Affiliate Links icon.


Step 2: In "Step 1. Link Details", enter link name and add an Attribution Window.

An Attribution Window is the time period during which a purchase is eligible as a conversion after an influencer affiliate link is used.


Step 3: In "Step 2 - URL Details", select a domain, enter a destination URL and influencer link pattern. The destination URL is where the links will direct customers while the influencer link pattern is what the influencer links will look like.


Step 4: Click Add Parameter to enter UTM parameters. Find out more about UTM parameters.


Your destination URL, URL Parameters, and Influencer Link Pattern can be edited to add variables. Variables pull in influencer specific information such as Instagram username.


Step 5: In "Step 3. Date Restrictions", enter Start and End Date (optional).

Step 6: In "Step 4. Payout Defaults", enter payout type and payout value. This is the default rate influencer will receive if they are paid commission.


Step 7: Click save.


How to Assign a Link Group to a Campaign

Step 1: Click Program, within the navigation bar, and select Campaigns from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Click the Edit Campaign Details icon.


Step 3: In "Step 3. Compensation", select the commission for the compensation method and select the appropriate affiliate link from the drop-down menu. If you are NOT paying commission, continue to 'Step 4. Tracking'.


Step 4: In "Step 4. Tracking", select the appropriate affiliate link from the drop-down menu. 


Step 5: Click save.


Assigning Affiliate Links to Influencers

Step 1: Click Campaigns, within the navigation bar, and click the Campaign Work Room icon.


Step 2: Click the Links tab in the campaign work room, hover over the influencer's row, and click the Assign Link icon.


 Quick Tip

To assign links to multiple influencers select the checkbox next to all the influencers you want to assign a link to. Click the blue checkmark icon and select assign affiliate links.

Step 3: Click on Assign Links.




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